A good engineer is worth its weight in gold.

A good environmental engineer is a treasure – a gray eminence hidden behind a radiator, in the elbow under the washbasin or a flush in the toilet. We do not even realize that the environmental engineer puts his hydraulic key into everything we see around. The next decades belong to engineers. Prospects for the development of the environment engineering sector are very good, because there is always some pipe to lay.

The engineering profession is slowly becoming the most desirable profession at home, in the city, country and abroad. Lawyers envy us the ability to calculate the cross-section of the waltz, and the humanists, to our disgust, still do not distinguish the radiator from the stove.

New business and investment’s sector need graduates with technical education. It is engineering education that can provide a prosperous life in the future. It does not let to stand with chalk in hand at the board in front of a bunch of screaming youth. It will also help you avoid a boring desk in the office. In most countries all around the world, the interest in education in technical fields is slowly declining. This is bad information for potential employers, but good for the students themselves who will not have a problem finding a GOOD job. Companies are looking for employees, who will keep track of technological innovations on a regular basis. It is also important to learn quickly, which will be useful when creating new projects. The most valuable, however, is spatial imagination and ordinary logical thinking, which has been battered by humanists.

It is worth trying for better future. The engineering profession brings not only profits, but also gives professional satisfaction. Solid education will definitely be appreciated by employers. Studying technical issues does not have to be a chore. At least for the third year of study. Let us skip the first and second year with silence. It is worth using your competences and knowledge resources. The ability to count and create new projects can turn out to be a recipe for success. On the other hand, high demands are made. Possible potential and responsibility is important.

However, you must remember that this profession is not for everyone. Good intentions alone are not enough – it is difficult to finish a technical universities. The list of people who start engineering education and cannot finish it is very long.

What features must have engineer?

Because engineering is mostly project calculation and design, modification of structure of different devices and products, the engineer:

must have imagination and knowledge and predisposition to science;

must be a great specialist;

must be creative, know languages and be able to work with people.

More and more often he works as a professional for a specific and individual issues.  Therefore, the ability to find oneself in new situations, coping with new problems and the ability to convince others to innovative ideas is very important.

Engineer – this profession is always highly valued. However, to finish your study based on technical courses and profiles you need to have special talents. You need to have spatial imagination, the ability to solve very difficult tasks and … to like chemistry.

Graduation does not open the door to a career – this is just the beginning.

I would like to thank all participants.

Chairwoman of Organizing and Scientific Committee

Prof. Iwona Skoczko