All papers will be reviewed and will be published as:

  • 4-page abstract (including DOI) in Proceedings an Open Access Journal by MDPI
  • chapter in the monograph (including DOI) series “Environmental Engineering – Through A Young Eye” in English – chapter in a monograph – a min of 20 thousand characters with spaces
  • Civil and Environmental Engineering (in Polish)
  • Installation Market (in Polish)
  • Journal “Economics and Environment” – surcharge
  • District Heating, Heating, Ventilation – surcharge
  • Architecture Civil Engineering Environment – surcharge

Selected articles that meet the requirements and fit in the thematic field will be addressed on the basis of sent 2-page summaries by the Scientific Committee for publication in the mentioned journals or

in the monograph of the series “Environmental Engineering – Through A Young Eye”. Authors will be notified of recommendations for particular magazines or conference materials within two weeks of completing the registration.

Monographs will be issued by the Publishing House of Bialystok University of Technology in the form of electronic books with an ISBN number.

Please follow the instructions on the following template

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