Guidelines for presenters

Guidelines for presenters

The conference will be held virtually using Microsoft Teams platform. Each participant will receive an e-mail with a link to join the session. Presenters should connect to the meeting at least 10 minutes before the session starts. Each session will be moderated by a chair who will oversee the session schedule and supervise asked questions. Technical support for the presenters will be provided.

Oral presentations

The duration of the oral presentation is 10-13 minutes. After the presentation, 2-3 minutes are provided for a short discussion. Please prepare the presentation in order to not exceed the assumed time.

It is also possible to send the pre-recorded video presentation. The session host will then perform this presentation at the scheduled time. The video presentation should be sent not later than until 10/05/2022 to the e-mail:, including all the information about on the presenter (full name, email, affiliation, country). Regardless to the presentation form, the presenter has to be present to answer the possibile quastions.

The ISMO Scientific Committee will award the best oral presentation at the conference.

Poster presentations

The poster should be prepared on a template poster.

The poster presentation will be held on-site. The poster should be printed in accordance with the template and brought on the day of the poster session.

The ISMO Scientific Committee will award the best poster presentation at the conference.


ISMO’22 offers several variants of the manuscript’s publication (full and short papers) including journals listed in the Web of Science and Web of Science extended. In order to publish a paper within the Conference the reserach has to be presetned at ISMO’22 and approved by the Scientific Committee and the Editors. Publishing options and guidelines are listed below. The manuscript has to be prepared according to the journal’s formatting guidelines.


Proceedings an Open Acces Yournal by MDPI

The abstracts accepted by the Scientific Committee will be published in Proceedings an Open Access Journal by MDPI (including DOI). Proceedings will be send to relevant indexing databases (WoS, Scopus).

2–4 page abstract should be prepared using Abstract template 2022 (DOCX, 192 KB).

Instructions for Authors


All papers presented during ISMO’22 and accepted by the Scientific Committee can be published as chapter in the monograph (including DOI) series “Innovations – Sustainability – Modernity – Openness” in English, issued by the Publishing House of Bialystok University of Technology in the form of electronic books with an ISBN number.

Paper should be prepared according to Monograph temple ISMO’22. Minimum required number of characters with spaces 20,000.


Selected and accepted papers after recommendation of the Scientific Committee, can be published in journals, listed below. Please note that each journal has its own policy, it is highly recommended to read it before submission. Participation in ISMO’22 entitles you to some discounts in journals as detailed below.